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Welcome to EarthTouch, your source for premium Einkorn wheat. Experience the goodness of this ancient grain, cherished for its exceptional nutritional profile and unique qualities.

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Embrace the Authentic Power of Nature //

At EarthTouch, we honor the authentic power of nature. Our Einkorn wheat is carefully cultivated, ensuring it is free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. It offers a range of nutrients, including protein, dietary fiber, and essential vitamins and minerals like iron, lutein, and manganese.


Gentle on Digestion, Black einkorn

EarthTouch black Einkorn wheat is known for its gentle nature on digestion. Alongside its digestive qualities, this ancient grain is a nutrient-rich choice. It provides protein, dietary fiber, and a variety of vitamins and minerals.

Grown in the Heartland of the USA

At EarthTouch, we take pride in cultivating our Einkorn wheat right in the heartland of the USA, amidst the picturesque fields of Missouri.

Benefits of black Einkorn

Black Einkorn wheat is known for its high nutritional value. It contains higher levels of certain nutrients compared to other wheat varieties. The dark pigmentation of black einkorn wheat is attributed to its anthocyanin content.


Discover a Delicious New Flavor //

Einkorn wheat brings a distinct essence to your culinary creations, with its deep, nutty, and toasty profile. Experience the rich and comforting notes that make Einkorn flour a perfect choice for warm dishes like fluffy pancakes and aromatic banana bread. 

Sourdough Einkorn Bread Loaf

Ready To Get Started?

At EarthTouch, we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality Einkorn wheat. Join us in embracing this ancient grain and elevate your well-being naturally. Experience the unique qualities and nourish your body with EarthTouch. Start your journey to a wholesome lifestyle today.

Fresh Wheat Berries

Looking to Grind your Own Wheat?

2 lb Sampler makes 4-5 loaves:

Grinding your own wheat unlocks unparalleled freshness. EarthTouch’s whole Einkorn berries retain their natural oils, ensuring that each batch of flour you make bursts with delightful flavors and captivating aromas.

21-lb bulk bag:

While ground flour loses nutrients and shelf life relatively quickly, wheat berries will stay fresh in their whole-form for a long time. Our 21-lbs bags come sealed for long term storage, (up to 10-20 years) making them an excellent option for emergency food storage.

Preserve Nutritional Value:

Grinding your own wheat allows you to preserve the maximum nutritional value of Einkorn. The moment wheat is ground, its nutritional content begins to gradually degrade. By grinding the whole berries at home, you can retain the valuable nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in every batch of flour you produce.

Embrace Wholesome Goodness

Explore the remarkable nutritional content of Einkorn wheat, and learn how it can be a wholesome addition to your balanced diet and lifestyle.

Einkorn contains two times more Vitamin A (retinol equivalent) compared to modern wheats.

What is Vitamin A? ›

Einkorn contains three-four times higher levels of beta-carotene compared to modern wheats.

What is beta-carotene? ›

Einkorn contains four-five times more riboflavin (also known as vitamin B2) than modern wheats.

What is riboflavin? ›

Wheat gluten studies suggest that Einkorn wheat may be easier to digest.

Einkorn is a “hulled” wheat, which can provide a protective barrier against chemical contamination and insects, making it a favorable grain for natural cultivation.

Einkorn has just 14 chromosomes, while modern wheats have 42.




Challah Bread

Delicately woven and golden-brown, this enchanting Einkorn loaf effortlessly blends tradition and taste for an unforgettable baking experience.


Avocado Toast

A beloved breakfast and brunch staple, avocado toast combines the rich creaminess of ripe avocados with the satisfying crunch of toasted Einkorn bread.


Super Moist Chocolate Cupcakes

These moist chocolate cupcakes pack tons of flavor in each bite! Made with simple pantry staples, this easy recipe will quickly become your new favorite.

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