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Earth Touch Essentials
The Finest Vitamin &
	Mineral Supplement Product Ever Developed
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Earth Touch Essentials is a dietary supplement containing vitamins and minerals that enrich and improve the body's health and well being.

The formula for Earth Touch Essentials is based on 50 years of research by Dr. Emanuel Cheraskin, a highly-respected M.D. and D.M.D. well known for his extensive work in the field of nutrition.  Dr. Cheraskin's research revealed a dramatic correlation between nutrition and health. Rather than focus on the minimum requirement of vitamins and minerals needed to keep our bodies merely free from disease, Dr. Cheraskin focused on the vitamins and minerals needed to “feel our best”.   Earth Touch Essentials were formulated in collaboration with Dr. Cheraskin, and contain the correct forms and amounts of the vitamins and minerals that, according to his studies, are needed daily “to feel our best”.

  Dr. Emanuel Cheraskin

Earth Touch Essentials is based on a formula developed by Dr. Cheraskin, Professor Emeritus of the University of Alabama and well-known pioneer in researching the vitamin and mineral requirements for maintaining “optimal health”...

Diet & Supplementation - Keys to Optimal Health by Dr. Emanuel Cheraskin (PDF)

A Perfect Balance

Acid/Base Balance - A perfect 7
Even containing 1000 mg of Vitamin C, Earth Touch Essentials maintain the perfect balance between acid and base...

Synergistically Balanced Minerals
The bioavailability of many minerals can be enhanced when taken simultaneously with other minerals or vitamins...

The Finest Vitamin

Letter to our Customers

“After our discussions with Dr. Cheraskin, we were convinced that there was a real need for such a product.  Working directly with him, we formulated Earth Touch Essentials, a product containing all of the vitamins and minerals in the correct form and amounts that he recommended....”
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